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The Pride of Branson Concert Bands is a 130-Member band that represents Branson High School with integrity, passion, and pride.


At Branson High School, we are proud to have two concert bands;

     Symphonic Band is composed of our highest performing students, and is a staple of the Branson Band program. Starting second semester, these students work hard at the start of the day, rehersing more difficult pieces. Symphonic Band is directed by High School Director Daniel Jarrett.

     Concert Band is composed of students who aren't as musically talented, but still work just as hard! They play slightly easier pieces that are possible for the students to play, but still impose a challenge to learn more and enhance their music. Concert Band is directed by Associate Director Leah Kubala.

2022 Symphonic Band Members

 Organized by chair order

Concert Band Members

 Organized by chair order

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