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Below is a list of Branson School District staff and community members 

that have supported The Pride of Branson Bands throughout the school year.


Thank you for your continued support!

Branson School District Staff

District Administrators

  • Dr. Brad Swofford, Superintendent

  • Dr. Don Forrest, Assistant Superintendent

  • Dr. Chip Arnette, Executive Director of Operations

  • Dr. Mike Dawson, Executive Director of Instruction

  • Mrs. Brenda Romine, Director of Communications

  • Mr. Brock Glidwell, Director of Technology

  • Mrs. Jill Morey, Food Service

  • Dr. Samantha Henderson, Special Services

  • Dr. Michelle Brenner, Director, Digital Learning                                                         and Accountability

  • Mrs. Deanna Sheets, Director of Curriculum

School Board

  • Mr. Roger Frieze, President

  • Dr. Peter Marcellus, Vice President

  • Mr. Craig Wescott

  • Mr. Dan Boone

  • Mrs. Angie Smith

  • Mr. Jeff Smethers

  • Mr. Cole Currier

Branson High School Administration

  • Mr. Jack Harris, Principal

  • Mr. Anthony Lourenco, Assistant Principal

  • Mr. Jason Steele, Assistant Principal

  • Mr. David Large, Activities Director

  • Mr. Anthony Hays, Assistant Activities Director

  • Mrs. Darci Cott, Financial/Activities

  • Mrs. Pat Fairchild, Main Office

Branson High School Counseling

  • Mrs. Dixie Bailey, Seniors

  • Mr. Brad Brown, Juniors

  • Mrs. Janae Schneider, Sophomores

  • Mrs. Sarah Loyd, Freshmen

  • Mrs. Stacy Alms, Counseling Office

  • Mrs. Tori Zeligman, Counseling Office

Branson Junior High School Administration

  • Mr. Bryan Bronn, Principal

  • Mr. Tim Butler, Assistant Principal

  • Mrs. Rhonda Stephenson, Main Office

  • Ms. Angie Waugh, Main Office


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