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The Pride of Branson Bands Jazz Bands include two full-instrument jazz bands that perform classic and contemporary jazz literature to preserve America's original art form.

The Jazz Ensemble, our top-auditioned ensemble, rehearses during 8th hour every school day. This ensemble focuses on advanced aspects of improvisation and ensemble playing, cultivating in 15+ performances every school year throughout the Branson community, Branson High School, or regional Jazz Festivals. If you are interested in this ensemble performing at your event, please fill out the following Google Form.

                                                          Jazz Ensemble Members


- Alto 1: Kaden Justus
- Alto 2: Alyce Newman

- Tenor 1: Daniel Zeller
- Tenor 2: Seth Wright

- Bari: Makayla Lee
- Clarinet: Alexis Schneider

Rhythm Section

- Bass: Mae Plachta

- Drumset: Levi Maneth


- Lead/1st: Riley Davidson
- 2nd: Caitlyn Matthews
- 3rd: Ashton Conner


- Lead/1st: Daley Hinton
- 2nd: Di Rodriguez
- 3rd: Aron Harris
- 4th: Issac Leeper

The Jazz Band, our open ensemble, rehearses during 7th hour every school day. This ensemble focuses on foundational aspects of improvisation and ensemble playing, and performs multiple times throughout the year at Branson Band Concerts and area Jazz Festivals.

                                                          Jazz Band Members


 - Alto 1: Makayla Lee
- Alto 2: Jayden Slemp
- Alto 3: Christian Dawson

Rhythm Section

 - Piano: Olivia Fennell

 - Bass: Nate Trout

 - Drums: Parker Smith,

                Max Bassett


 - Split Lead: Toby Miller

 - Split Lead: Taylor Sorenson

 - 3rd: Isaac Denham

 - 4th: Ryan Tyndall


 - Split Lead: Wake Smith

 - Split Lead: Destiny Kippes

 - Bass: Ashton Conner

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